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Weekly Wrap Up: Snapchat Attracts Brands

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at Snapchats new way to lure brands to its service: customizing photo filters.

Snapchat is testing out a new feature that will allow brands to customize photos by adding their logo to pictures or videos they send out to followers. The new feature was tested out by the company Vice. They used a watermark on a couple of photos that were sent out by Snapchat COO Emily White.

Snapchat is already being used by many brands, but the ability to add a logo onto the pictures or videos they send out would be beneficial for marketers.  This feature will entice more brands to use Snapchat for specific marketing purposes. This will open up many opportunities for Snapchat to make money, since it is not yet a public company.

Snapchat will also be launching a new feature called “Our Story” to be used at concerts and live events. By using the “Our Story” feature, users will be able to send their snap chat story from the specific event they are snapping at to users that are in the same geo-location that they are. These stories will then be compiled into a story of everyone that attended the specific event. By combining the new Our Story feature and customizable filters, Snapchat will be able to become a gold mine to marketers.


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