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Weekly Wrap-Up: Social Contests

Weekly Wrap-Up: Social Contests

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at social contests and the rules and regulations behind running them.

Prior to this week, businesses were required to run social contests on Facebook through a purchased app. Well, thanks to the Facebook gods, businesses can now run a contest within the timeline – making it super simple and easy for followers to participate in.

While this makes running Facebook contests much easier and less strict, there are still benefits to be aware of when choosing to run a contest through an app. Apps, such as Otterpop and North Social, allow for businesses to have much easier functionality and tracking of the contest. The apps consolidate everything into one place, making contests such as photo captioning much easier to keep track of.

Have you ran a successful contest on Facebook? Share with us your favorite contests to run! @serendipit

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