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Weekly Wrap-Up: Social Media Monitoring Tools

We are all aware of how successful social media can be when it is used efficiently, but monitoring and reporting your social media success is just as important. The social media universe is continuously growing and changing, and that is why managing your growth on the  various platforms is crucial for a brand’s success. These are a few of the tools that are currently out there that make organizing and reporting your social media statistics easy and efficient.

Sprout Social: Sprout Social demonstrates very innovative techniques that make social media reporting accessible via desktop or mobile. This engine also includes a focus on specific brand competition, which takes your reporting to the next level.  In addition to all of the platform’s provided tools, Sprout Social also enables the integration of Google Analytics for optimal monitoring abilities.

Radian 6: The head honcho of social media monitoring, Radian 6, offers insight capabilities that go way beyond engagement management. They have streamlined the process of demographic analysis and in-depth conversation extraction, utilizing real-time insights for your brand.

TrackUR: TrackUR is an extremely visual use of social media reporting. Simple to use and understand, the platform diagnoses which social media outlets are getting the most traction, from which device, and analyzes your audience demographic. Use this site for accessible sharing of your brand’s highly engaging conversations.




  • Brittany at Sprout Social

    Thanks for including Sprout Social in the list! Appreciate the mention.

  • Andy Beal

    Excuse my tardiness in thanking you…I was on vacation. Thank you for recommending Trackur!

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