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Weekly Wrap-Up: Social Media Updates and Improvements

The Social Media world, as it continues to grow and expand, has recently implemented some very useful tools that everyone should take advantage of. Not only have Facebook and Twitter launched new additions to their platforms, but outlets such as Clipix and Storify have been gaining a significant social presence.

Facebook Update-

Facebook has recently incorporated new monitoring tools to gage fan interaction.

  • Activity Log- The activity log displays an ordered list of each type of activity that took place on your brand’s page. When looking for a specific post from the past, or a post from another page, you can quickly weed through irrelevant posts to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Recent Posts by Others- Facebook enables brand pages to remove Recent Posts by Others if your page chooses not to draw attention to other users’ posts. To do this, click Edit Page – Update Info – Manage Permissions – and then uncheck the box that says, “Show the box for recent posts by others.”
  • Group Pages- Facebook groups now allow you to see exactly who saw your post and at what time. It will now list exact names of the people who viewed your post on the page.


Calling all Pinterest fans, check out and fall in love with Clipix!  It is your personal social organizer that allows you to save and organize your online life. Clipix gives you a “clipboard” for anything and everything you find online that you will want to return to in the future. Similar to Pinterest, Clipix features a “clip” button on your dashboard to keep track of all your links in a more visually appealing manner.


This creative platform not only allows you to create your own personal story about any social project or event, but also enables you to include relative media across the web to increase the presence of your particular story. Storify brings together information from users of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Google + to enable story tellers to create a timeline, similar to that of a case study.

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