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Weekly Wrap-Up: Steps to Engaging your Social Media Audience

Social media should truly be at the constant top of every business’s to-do list. Engagement is somewhat hard to come by these days with the other demanding tasks that come up on a daily basis, but the social media audience can tell the difference between companies who consistently engage and companies who lack the interaction consumers look for.

Anthony DelMonte, of AdAge, shared his knowledge of the social media community by stating, “If you want a true community on social media, you have to create it.” Instead of associating the online outlets as solely ways to share your information and products, think of it instead as a way to communicate and get to know your target audience better. Posting, sharing, and pinning are all tools that consumers use to show the world their interests and what they look for in the market place. This is the best way for businesses to increase the value of their offers and create strategies to target exactly what their audience is looking for.

Peter Shankman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist,  gave his insight on the topic to Mashable this week informing, “You want to engage your audience and make sure that they feel like they’re apart of something-not just being marketed to.” Shankman continued to explain that in order to be successful you need to avoid:

  • Being Repetitive: Instead of posting the exact same thing on each social media outlet, spice things up and uniquely cater to every audience that follows you.
  • Being too Complicated: The social media audience looks for simplicity to spark an interest into what is being shared. Customize your company’s copy to fit each outlet. Never just copy and paste from your website, complicated details will be overlooked and ignored on social media platforms.

With that being said, the next key component to successfully engaging with your audience is knowing which information to use on which platform. Although all social media sites are heavily populated by a huge demographic, it is still important to know how to target each specific audience for your industry on each site. Here is the breakdown of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin users and how to get the most out of these outlets.


At Serendipit, we are continuously paving the road of engagement with Tweetup parties and Pinterest networks to actively interact with our clients’ target markets. Does your company need help increasing engagement and attracting new consumers in your industry?

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