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Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Country Concerts and Social Media

Serendipit wraps this week up with a review of this summer’s biggest country concerts coming to the Valley and how they are leveraging social media. For the last few summers, Ticketmaster has released the Country Megaticket – an inclusive deal to all the summer’s biggest country concerts. On the Megaticket this year were Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Jason Aldean. With each of these concerts comes a myriad of opening acts. Each of these acts has related social media accounts they use to connect with the fans.


Luke Bryan will be hitting the stage on July 27th at Desert Sky Pavilion (all Megaticket concerts are here). When you buy tickets online, you can connect to FB and see exactly where your friends are sitting.  So if they bought tickets in section 101 you can see this and look for seats near them. This makes it easier to coordinate going to this concert with your friends, even if you buy tickets at different times. Fans can also interact on social media during the concert. By using #DirtRoadDiaries, fans can share theie own photos from the concert. Bryan’s Twitter account will retweet some of the best ones and followers can look through all of them. Social media is about making the artist seem more accessible to the common fan. By retweeting fans it makes Luke Bryan seem much more like a normal guy who can interact with his fans. That is one of the biggest things social media has done for country superstars.


Keith Urban comes to Phoenix on September 29. Urban uses YouTube very well. He is prepping to premiere his “Little Bit of Everything” official lyric video on YouTube on May 22. He is promoting this premiere on Facebook and Twitter to build a buzz for the premiere. He also uses YouTube for his weekly “Urban Chats”. These are short little videos that appear to be shot on his phone where he briefly discusses a topic and says hi to his fans. There is no production added to the videos, just him talking into the camera. His fans love these videos because it makes him seem like a regular person instead of a country superstar. He uses them very well to connect with followers.


The rest of the country acts coming to the Valley also use social media in similar ways. Miranda Lambert released her Pistol Annie’s CD using a completely integrated social media strategy that used everything from Pinterest to Vine.


The days of musical stars just going on tour are over. Fans demand almost 24/7 access to their favorite artists. Social Media gives these superstars an opportunity to connect with their fans in ways that are getting more and more creative. Are you heading to any concerts this summer? Are you connected to your favorite singers on social media?

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