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Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer, Money-Saving Apps

-Memorial Day Travel-

In honor of this weekend’s holiday, we have compiled the top travel apps to save you money. Some people are already hitting the road for the three-day weekend so keep these tips in mind while you are out and about.

  1. HOTELTONIGHT: This free app allows you to take spur-of-the-moment road trips and not be bombarded with additional fees from the hotel. You can book same-day and last minute hotel rooms for less; enabling you to enjoy spontaneous trips!
  2. GATEGURU: Fantastic for travel by air. It allows you to pull up a map of the airport during long layovers and figure out where all the best food and retail spots are. Perfect for unexpected delays on a vacation.
  3. GASBUDDY: Any amount saved on gas is crucial with the prices currently sky-rocketing. This app enables you to find the nearest stations with the lowest prices.

-Summer Budgeting-

Summer is a great time to cut back and figure out all the finances for a big vacation, or trip planned with the family. These apps allow you to have even more control and easy access to your accounts.

  1. MINT: You create your personal goals for your budget and this app keeps you on the right track, while displaying the progress. It includes a cash vs. credit feature, which allows you to see your card balances with the cash you have to pay it off.
  2. iALLOWANCE: Perfect app for parents on-the-go. With this app, you are the bank and your kids are the customers. They accumulate stars from the chores that they complete, which turns into the money they earn. The kids choose when they would like to make a withdraw. You then give them the cash and iAllowance debits their account. Great money-saving technique for younger kids.

-Home Help-

Many people are relocating this summer or just want to renovate their current pad. These apps will make the process much more efficient.

  1. MIKE HOLMES MAKE IT RIGHT: The hit HGTV show, Holmes on Homes, has now been re-created to fit in the palm of your hand. With this app, you can organize all your home-renovation needs into a specific list of projects. You first create a project, then track all the costs, store photos of the progress, and store all the contact information of vendors.
  2. iDONATEDIT: Tax season is always a headache and a half so this app enables you to keep track of all your charitable donations with the touch of a finger. It allows you to estimate the value of the donation for tax purposes and compile photos of reciepts.


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