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Weekly Wrap Up: Super Bowl and Social Media

-Game Day Update-
The beloved Super Bowl campaigns have become a historic tradition and are now a current competition for companies to outshine each other with creativity. The use of advertisement creativity has sparked a whole new generation of viewers. The Super Bowl is no longer just about football because even females, who are not particularly interested in the sport itself, will also be posted by the TV to indulge in the highly watched event.  This year, some of the most popular companies such as Volkswagen and Coca-cola have released their super bowl advertisements early. Their early release date has erased the element of surprise that past bowls have had, yet ironically boosted viewership ahead of time. Here are a few of the most watched commercials that will be aired during Sunday’s big game!

Volkswagen has gone to the dogs this year with the incorporation of man’s best friend in their Super Bowl campaigns-

Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back” 2012

Volkswagen “The Bark Side” 2012 Video

Coca-cola‘s fan favorite polar bears- #gamedaypolarbears

Coca-cola Polar Bear Super Bowl 2012

Coca-cola Polar Bear “Catch” 2012

Honda reinvents “Beuler’s Day off” with “Matthew’s Day off”

Honda Super Bowl “Matthew’s Day Off”

Camry decides to “reinvent” life…wouldn’t that be nice!?

Camry Super Bowl “Reinvent” Video 2012

-Facebook Update-

The trending topic of discussion at every household’s dinner table is Facebook’s filing of their IPO. The company submitted their massive 150 page document this past Wednesday. The IPO set impressive records and could potentially increase Zuckerberg’s $21 billion fortune to $28 billion by being the single, largest share holder. This video by the Wall Street Journal breaks down the components of Facebook’s record breaking IPO:

Facebook IPO 2012

-Youtube Update-

The latest TLC show, “Virgin Diaries,” has stirred up a lot of talk throughout all social media outlets. The video below features a couple’s first wedding kiss and turned viral with 1.5 million views!

Here is your Friday comic relief. Enjoy!

Couple’s First Kiss

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