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Weekly Wrap-Up: Thanksgiving Tweets & Pecan Pie

Weekly Wrap-Up: Thanksgiving Tweets & Pecan Pie

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with a look at a popular Thanksgiving Twitter campaign that lead to pecan pie.

Last Thanksgiving holiday, a tweet-mapping company called Floatingsheep decided to map out which Thanksgiving dishes were most popular in the different regions of the United States. They did this through their revolutionary tweet-mapping and analyzing software called: DOLLY. DOLLY is short for Data On Local Life and You.

Using DOLLY, Floatingsheep was able to track not just turkey, but pies, side dishes, and much more. DOLLY tracked Twitter mentions and hashtags, and then pinpointed the location and demographic of the person responsible for the tweet.

Their analysis of Thanksgiving preferences lead them to the following conclusions:

      • Twitter is not very popular in the Midwest
      • Pecan pie was the most Tweeted about pie over both pumpkin and apple
      • Grits were only very popular on the East coast

What do you think DOLLY will show about Thanksgiving preferences this year?

Weigh in your guess in the comments below or by sending a tweet to @Serendipit. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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