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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Millennial Generation

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Millennial Generation

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with a look at the Millennial Generation.

As technology continues to change and innovate, the millennial generation continues to change with it. The millennial generation, between the ages of 16-34, is the generation that stays most consistent with current trends and appreciates the digital world. This is an important target for many brands and recent reports show that this generation’s shopping changes are also changing with technology.

As Entreprenuer Magazine reports, “Half of millennials regularly use a mobile device to compare prices or read user reviews while shopping…” Asking a friend for an opinion is no longer the most important thing to them. They prefer to see what the online conversation is saying about what they want to purchase. Why is this important for businesses? This just reinforces the fact that having online listings and an effective social strategy is becoming more crucial for targeting the millennial generation.

The report also indicated that millennials want to receive special mobile promotions and that this will increase the likelihood of purchasing. In addition, 46% of millennial males prefer for sales associates to wear store merchandise and to be on top of trends. This isn’t only relevant for retail companies, but for any brand. This shows that having a brand personality and creating a strong brand image is important to consumers.

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