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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Myspace Facelift

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Progress of Myspace’s Facelift

Serendipit Consulting wraps up this week with all things Myspace and the positive feedback from their new look.

Do you remember the days when Myspace was the hottest trend and the phrase “Myspace Pic” came into existance? Yeah, unfortunately we remember those days as well (insert blushing emoji here). Luckily, Facebook stepped in and saved us from the Myspace meltdown. With that being said, Myspace has revamped their website and re-establishing a positive reputation in the social media realm.

This time around, Myspace positioned their social network platform with a focus on music – targeting music lovers everywhere. The format and layout of the site is very appealing and unique to all of the sites currently out there. They did maintain components similar to those of Facebook such as a cover photo and news feed, but even those features are slightly different and surprisingly attractive. The platform enables you to follow your favorite artists and songs, and includes a scrolling feed of album covers. Users are also encouraged to create a music “mix” of songs and playlists. This will be similar to Spotify, but will be shared all on the same platform instead.

Possibly the coolest feature on the new platform is the ability to type anywhere at anytime to search for something. You do not have to go to any special search query, which makes the user interface very convenient. Also, Myspace gives each of your connections with those you are following an “affinity” rating, ie: 22% affinity, 80% affinity – based on your interaction with the artist or band. When viewing a music video on Myspace, the video box will enlarge to take up your entire screen – making watching the video extra enjoyable!

As you can tell, Myspace definitely implemented an entirely new brand strategy – giving their platform an effective facelift! We were impressed and even more intruiged with the backing of Justin Timberlake :) Does your brand fit into the Myspace social strategy, yet you are unsure how to position yourself? Contact us at Serendipit Consulting today!


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