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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Power of Social Media

In case you missed the latest-and-greatest news in the social media and tech world, here is your weekly wrap-up from the Serendipit crew.

1. Its true- Social media causes the same arousing sensation we receive from eating yummy foods, earning money (is it pay day yet?!) and having sex.

Researchers at Harvard researched why so many users are compelled to share constant information about themselves with others through social media and found out that sharing information about yourself causes an arousal sensation  in the brain. So the next time you are annoyed by your co-worker’s consistent Facebook updates about their every move of every minute,  remind yourself that it is a rewarding experience for them…so let them have their moment of pleasure.

Read the full article from LA Times here.

2. Pinterest goes viral with a WordPress plug-in.

If you aren’t on Pinterest, then you are way behind in the times. If your brand isn’t on Pinterest, then you are missing out on potential new clients, customers, fan base and marketing outreach. Pinterest is growing rapidly and the new app for WordPress illustrates its power. The plug-in was released on May 9 and offers only auto-pinning and tracking statistics. Features such as scheduling pins, visualizing the statistics and multiple account support will be added in the next version.

P.S. Have you checked out Serendipit’s Pinterest?

3. “Are you Mom Enough?”

Time Magazine has been known to make a few bold statements with their cover photos, yet we think this one wins the award. From a marketing standpoint, the cover is brilliant and we must applaud the creative team at Time for their guts and ingenuity. From a PR standpoint, they succeeded in their strategy- they started quite the buzz, generating sales and readership of Time magazine. The controversial cover took Twitter by storm, and whether Twitter users loved or hated the picture, it was criticized, photoshopped and applauded by millions of users.

Here is a slideshow of what Twitter users had to say about the magazine cover. This truly illustrates the power that social media has to generate buzz, and ultimately affect a business’s bottom line.

You may call us social media geeks, but we are far from it. Our passion for reading, finding and sharing these articles with our team, clients and other social media nerds, highlights our knowledge base. Our team doesn’t simply read these articles; we take them and apply them to not only our client’s social media strategy, but our PR and Marketing campaigns, too.

Do you want to learn more about how we have harnessed the power of social media to create buzz for our clients? Call us, we love meeting new people and sharing our ideas!


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