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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Revamped Google & Facebook

-Google Update-

Google is finally stepping up the visual appearance and consolidation of the Android Marketplace. This new look of “Google Play” will be similar to the functionality of Apple’s iTunes, which as we all know has been immensely successful. The marketplace will now include film rentals, Google Music, and a Google eBookstore that will all be compatible with smart phones, tablets, and desktops. The Play Music will allow for new music downloads and storage of up to 20,000 songs on the included cloud.

-Facebook Update-

Did you know that you can now include photos to your Facebook map? Perfect for your upcoming spring travel! Below are directions on how you can start incorporating this component. P.S. Mashable also does a great job of summarizing this innovative asset for the new Facebook Timeline.

1. First locate and click the “Map” box included in your favorites bar under your cover photo.

2. Click “Add photos to map” on the top, right-hand side of the screen. All of your photos will then appear in a strip above your map.

3. Choose and click the photo you would like to add to your maps. It will ask you “Where was this?” Type in where you would like that photo to be located.

4. Follow the above steps for all the photos you would like to include. When you are finished, click “done adding.”

-Companies Going Old School with Facebook-

With the implementation of the new Timeline, companies have decided go “old school” with their cover photos, finding campaigns from the past or even founding documents. As Ad Age puts it, “It’s as if dozens of little corporate museums just launched on the social network.” Here are a few of the creative photos that have come back from the past, including Ford, Macy’s, Burberry, ESPN, and even Advertising Age themselves.


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