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Weekly Wrap Up: Tips For Enhancing Your Emails For Mobile

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at the best tips for enhancing your emails on Mobile

 Mobile email opens have started to see explosive growth in the past few years. As of today, mobile opens are now at 66% of all email opens. Desktop opens have decreased by 53% in the past three years, which makes mobile email extremely important. These changes have lead to the need to optimize your mobile email strategy.

1. When creating an email marketing strategy, you need to first focus on your audience. The first step is to check into your analytics and find out which devices people are using to open your emails. After finding this out, you need to make sure that you are testing your mobile emails on the platforms that majority of your readers are using.

2. Screens on mobile devices are small, which leads to changes for graphics in mobile emails. You need to make sure that your fonts are large enough for people to read without having to zoom in. Many people will delete your email and move on to the next if the information is not easy to read.

3. Another trick for optimizing your mobile email strategy is to use a single column layout. Mobile friendly emails should use this approach in order to accommodate smaller screens and help with legibility. This will also help keep readers engaged and wanting to scroll through the whole message. If you try to fit more than one thing in each column, the user will have to zoom in and this will turn off too many mobile email readers.


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