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Weekly Wrap-Up: Top Infographics in the Industry

In honor of our Serendipit infographic we posted earlier this week, we have decided to wrap up the current infographics in the marketing industry that have created a significant amount of buzz and impressive statistics for the consumers. Behind every great woman there lies a great idea, so here is the inspiration that sparked ours.

Facebook- 1 in 5 online sites being viewed throughout the day is Facebook, with 845 million monthly active users. That is why Facebook is now a necessity for businesses to engage in.

Pinterest- Over 20% of Facebook users are on Pinterest daily, and now Pinterest has surpassed Twitter in referral traffic. Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the largest social media communities, behind Facebook, having been launched only 25 months ago.

Mobile Apps- Top earners in the App market spend an average of 14% of their time on marketing with $30,000 as an average marketing budget. Developers who spend more, on components such as marketing, have proven to be more successful.

Sports Social Media- 83% of sports fans will check sports social media sites while watching the game on TV. 63% browse sports social media sites while they are at the live game. Professional athletes now go out of their way to engage with their fans.

Electronic Payments- There are now 3 main forms of mobile payments, currently evolving the way we pay bills.

  1. MCommerce: Your mobile, internet browser linked with standard web commerce.
  2. MPayments: Uses contactless, app technologies where payment information is stored and all you have to do is authenticate right from your phone.
  3. MWallets: Technology aimed to replacing your full wallet with funds loaded directly to your phone, and barcode scanning capabilities.

These examples demonstrate how infographics can truly be made to represent any industry, as well as individuals. They are a great way to communicate visually with your target audience, and present information in a creatively appealing way. There isn’t a set of standards that need to be followed in order to create an appropriate infographic, so we recommend to think out-of-the-box and have fun with it!

Here is the Serendipit infographic if you didn’t have a chance to see it before:

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