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Weekly Wrap-Up: App Contest and Trending Photos

-App Update-

The Apple App store is currently on its way to reaching 25 billion downloaded apps. If you are the 25th billion downloader, you will recieve a $10,000 gift card courtesy of Apple. $10,000 can buy you an amazing amount of Apple products, so it is worth a download!


We have compiled a list of the highest-trending apps right now in order to motivate you to become the 25th billion downloader.


As featured in Details Magazine, this app allows you to give yourself an eye exam as well as informs you on which exercises are best for improving your current eyesight.

Jimmy Fallon Wake Up Call

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Jimmy Fallon’s voice every morning? Everyone’s favorite late night host introduced his new app for iPhones that allows users to set their alarm to a personal call from Jimmy Fallon.



Autotuning continues to be an increasing phenomenon, ever since the break out video of “hide your kids, hide your wife” and now we can all create our own in the palm of our hands. MicDroid is an app for Android system that is similar to the “I am T-Pain” app for iPhones, and has been featured in Saturday Night Live digital shorts.

Air To-Do

Organization meets ease-ability. This app is the answer to anyone’s cluttered phone nightmare. It is visually appealing and simple enough for daily use of tasks, locations, and reminders while including the ability to share on social media platforms.

This app gives you an entire database for hashtags that are trending and that have been used to increase your Twitter viewership and follower base. #makeitcount

-Trending Update-

Airbrush has been used to create a look of beauty for years now, but this trending photographer, Rachel Hulin, has taken it to another level by creating a “flying” effect with her son by holding him up and then airbrushing herself out.


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