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Weekly Wrap Up: Twitter Adds a New ‘Buy Now’ Feature

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at Twitter’s new feature: the ‘Buy Now’ button.

 A new ‘Buy Now’ button appeared on various tweets this week. The button only appeared when accessing twitter from mobile, which means that it is not yet available for web use. The button appeared on tweets from the brand, “Fancy” and was located right below the picture used in the tweet. When you press the ‘Buy Now’ button you are automatically redirected to the site where you can purchase the item.

This is not a surprise for many social media users and leaves marketers with great opportunities moving forward. Twitter has been recently stepping up its game by adding features like ad cards and promoted tweets. Since these features have been rolled out, users are now familiar with ads, so the ‘buy now’ feature isn’t disruptive. Adding purchasing functionalities to the platform is an obvious gain for Twitter, and allows them various revenue opportunities.


What do you think about the new ‘Buy Now’ button? Comment below or tweet us @serendipit !

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