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Weekly Wrap Up: Twitter Could Be Removing 140 Character Limit

Twitter could be increasing their character limit to 10,000. Serendipit discusses what this could mean for brands with a presence on the platform.

This past week, Twitter was abuzz about the platform’s rumored update: expanding the iconic 140-character limit.

Referred to as “Beyond 140” within the Twitter company itself, they are currently considering expanding the limit to 10,000 characters. This imitates the update to their Direct Message feature in 2015 where users were permitted to send messages up to 10,000 characters directly to their followers; originally they were limited to 140, like tweets.

What does this mean for your feed? Visually, not much: tweets will still appear to be 140 characters but will feature a call-to-action of some sort allowing followers to read the rest of the post itself. Your feed will seem unchanged more or less with the exception of a CTA.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addressed rumors on his own Twitter account (@jack) and began by saying “At its core Twitter is public messaging. A simple way to say something, to anyone, that everyone in the world can see instantly.” He continues by explaining how the 140 character limit was originally set so users could fit their message into a single SMS message (keep in mind that Twitter was started in 2006).

This would not be the first time Twitter has been willing to change its iconic features: just last fall the platform replaced the “Favorite” button with a “Like” button and replaced the familiar star icon with a tiny heart that turns red upon “liking” a tweet. Though initially met with backlash, the change resulted in greater engagement across the Twitter.

The idea of the character expansion has caused quite a stir. However, should this update happen (sources say the goal is by the end of Q1) it will only take some time to see if it has an impact on engagement or growth.

With 10,000 characters, brands will have a greater opportunity to elaborate on messages they wish to share with their audiences and include details that otherwise were forced to be omitted due to the lack of character space. In addition, this expansion of characters would address the frustration one encounters when a tweet is cut short when adding a photo, video, or link to the message. Should the feature be rolled out, it will take some time to see the full potential of Twitter and all that brands will be able to do.

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