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Weekly Wrap-Up: Twitter Happenings

Serendipit wraps up this week with a review of all the big news coming out of Twitter this week.

There were two big Twitter updates that will have an impact on brands and brand managers:

  • 2 Step Authentication- To more securely protect high-profile accounts you can now implement 2-step login verification. When this feature is activated the account holder must go through a more difficult login authentication. The first step remains the same for the account owner- they login with their username and password. After this Twitter will send a code to the user through a text message that the user can use to gain access. This is much like when you lose a password on some other social media and website accounts.This will help high profile accounts add security to avoid getting hacked. It will also cause problems for brand managers who have to manage multiple accounts. Instead of easily accessing the accounts they manage, if the feature is activated it will slow them down. For large accounts with a lot to lose from the bad PR a hacked account would cause, 2-step verification is a no-brainer. 
  • Expanded Lists- Yesterday, Twitter released a major upgrade to its lists feature. Users can now make up to 1,000 lists that can each contain up to 5,000 accounts. This is good news for power users and managers of accounts that have a large number of followers. They can now create more lists to better categorize their followers or people they follow. Engagement can now be much more personalized to different lists.


There was also some just plain interesting news from Twitter and about Twitter this week:

  • Twitter Threats Result in Jail Time- A young man from Charlotte, NC was arrested for threatening the president over Twitter. He made a claim that he was going to assassinate the President that night. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail and will most likely be watched the rest of his life. This is an important lesson for both individual and business Twitter accounts. Twitter is not anonymous. Your comments can be seen. You have to be just as careful about what you say on Twitter as you would in an interview or through e-mail.
  • Geo-Tagged Maps- Twitter has plotted out every geotagged tweet since 2009 on maps from across the world. Check out this link from flickr to see all of the maps. It’s fascinating to see the maps from around the world as well as the ones that focus on cities such as New York City.



That wraps up the news from Twitter this week. Will you take advantage of the new features on Twitter? If so, are you more excited for expanded lists or 2-step authentication?

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