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Weekly Wrap Up: Twitter Introduces “Moments” Feature To Its Platform

Serendipit Consulting explores Twitter’s newest content-curating feature and what the update says about the current state of social media.

After announcing that Jack Dorsey will be returning as CEO of the company, Twitter introduced a huge new feature to its website and mobile app. Called “Moments,” the feature showcases curated collections of tweets, images, links and videos surrounding a particular trending topic or news story.

Originally called “Project Lightning,” Moments launched in the US on Tuesday and will continue to gradually roll out to Twitter’s 300 million users. Users celebrated the new feature with the hashtag #SeeTheMomentWhen, which automatically generated a lightning bolt emoji after the phrase.

Each Moment is comprised of different tweets from around the social platform. However, the new feature is heavily image and video based, resembling a panel of square images – a very different feel from the normal feed.

Moments has been compared to Snapchat’s Discover feature, and is also very similar to Facebook’s “Trending” feature in that it curates content on a specific popular subject.

It is clear the social networking platforms of today are vastly different from what they were even a year ago. Networks are only getting more competitive and are thriving on the need to stay innovative. It will be interesting to see what other features will be unleashed in order to attract new users and keep current ones engaged.

The Serendipit marketing team makes it a point to stay on top of trends and key changes within the social media world in order to best showcase your brand and effectively engage with audiences. Need some help with your social media presence? Contact our team today for a free consultation: 602-283-5209.

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