Weekly Wrap-Up: Twitter Misconceptions

-Weekly Wrap-Up: Twitter Misconceptions-

Twitter Misconceptions Stemming from the Generation Gap

Each week Serendipit wraps up the latest news and updates in the marketing and PR world. This week we will be wrapping up all the Twitter misconceptions that are currently spiraling around the social media world. We all love the fact that our parents have jumped on board the social media cruise ship, but there are a few key components they seem to be missing out on when posting or tweeting to their followers. While these are all innocent mistakes stemming from the generation gap, they can be easily fixed! Here are our words of wisdom when trying to explain to the parental generation how to properly post and tweet.

Words of Wisdom:

  • When you follow someone on Twitter, that does not automatically give them access to your life. Feel free to follow your favorite celebrities or role models we promise they will not stalk you.
  • Hashtags should not include spaces. It is considered correct in the Twitter world to combine words into a phrase when using a hashtag, or just use one word hashtags as well.
  • Not every word or phrase can be made into a hashtag. For example, names are not socially acceptable hashtags. Try to stay in the loop with trending hashtags in order to have your tweets reach the largest audience!
  • You do not have to use a smart phone to tweet. While many people do use a smart phone to tweet, you have the option to login with a computer as well.
  • When you post something on Twitter it is not called “Twittering” it is considered “Tweeting”

We hope our words of wisdom will help to close the generation gap and solve some of the Twitter misconceptions!