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Weekly Wrap Up-Viral Videos and Increasing Trends

Viral Update
Jeremy Lin went from a bench warmer to one of the most-trended topics in what seems like over night! The Harvard grad is seen as being a “double threat” with his intelligence and athletic ability. Although, Kobe Bryant didn’t seem to be phased by the recent top scorer. That is until Jeremy went on to beat him at the Feb. 10th game.

Parents have many different ideas of proper discipline, but guns are normally not included in the process. This dad definitely got his point across to his daughter and I think it is safe to say she won’t be complaining on Facebook any time soon.

Ellen Degeneres always seems to have an intuition about the next best thing in Hollywood, and Sofia Grace is definitely the next best person! Ellen sent her to cover the Grammy’s, which ended up being the cutest thing ever and shot up the charts in Youtube views.

Trend Update

The Fast Company Magazine published their step-by-step process of “How to Lead a Creative Life” which is very fun and TGIF-appropriate. Will you start integrating these ideas in your daily life?

Crowdrise is a site dedicated to social-fundraising and giving back to the community, BUT the key difference is the component of fun. The site radiates a relaxed and inviting tone that you immediately want to be apart of. Crowdrise has a huge follower base of celebrities and social media savvy individuals. Founded by actor, Robert Norton, the company continues to increase awareness.

Facebook will be integrating Timeline into business profiles later this month, which is AMAZING. The look of brand pages will be completely transformed in a new and positive way!

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