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Weekly Wrap-Up: Viral Videos with a Purpose

-Viral Update-

We all know and love the youtube videos of kittens, puppies, or funny accidents that become viral over night, but what about the videos that become viral because of the content they are trying to get across to their veiwers. AKA- viral videos with a purpose. This week we are wrapping up all the current viral videos that have made an impact on society based on the message that they send.

Nike #Makeitcount – 4,218,457 views

Caine’s Arcade – 2,476,415 views
This video is proof that it is the little things in life that count. Caine’s Arcade was featured in Forbes Magazine on Monday.

Invisible Mercedes– 9,229,177 views

iPad Magic– 1,700,048 views

Gotye- Somebody That I Used to Know– 169,988,682 views
This is one of the most talked about, viewed, and shared music videos because of the intriguing creativity used. This one video completely blew up their career, and they were featured on Saturday Night Live last week.

Lebron Rise– 6,659,514 views

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