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Weekly Wrap-Up: Vlogging & Facebook News

-Facebook Business Timelines-

Today is the big day! Timelines are finally going live for all business pages. Be sure to check out our tips and guidelines for any last-minute changes you need to make before you publish. We are very excited to present our timeline to everyone!

-Facebook Search Engine-

It has been speculated that Mark Zuckerberg has a whole new plan up his sleeve involving an upgraded Facebook Search Engine. The potential news was featured on Bloomberg Businessweek, showcasing the advancements the search engine would include such as, a “like” option and other tools to simplify the search process. Mashable covers the news to give their opinion on these potential Facebook updates!



Microvideo Blogging-

Lets face it, smart phones have become the one necessary gadget used in day-to-day activities and are continuing to innovate, making our lives easier and advanced. Cameras are not only expected in the purchase of phones, but are quickly becoming under-appreciated with the growth of video and potential virility of content shared. With the use of microvideo applications, you can record short videos and instantly upload them to share with your followers. Similar to Instagram, these top vlogging applications are a huge hit with consumers.

  • Viddy: Voted iPhone App of the week! Allows you to share 15 second videos with your friends at a time including background music, and is very similar to Instagram when it comes to video editing.


  • Keek: Users can create a keek account and share up to 36 seconds worth of video at a time on all social media outlets.


  • Klip: The Pinterest of video sharing, allows for a 1 minute video to be posted and shared online. Also, enables users to send videos through SMS text which is a huge advantage!


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