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Weekly Wrap-Up: Women in Tech

Weekly Wrap-Up: Women in Tech

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with the powerful women that have influenced tech throughout the years.

Seeing that we are a team of motivated entrepreneurial women, it is only natural that we would have an inherent sense of “girl power” when looking back on the women that have majorly influenced the way that we use tech. Take a look at our top 4 favorite innovations that began with a little TLC from a woman.

  1. E-commerce Flash Sales – What would our society do without a good bargain? The ultimate e-commerce site, Gilt Groupe, all began in the hands of two women, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank. The site has changed the way designer e-commerce is sold and I think it is safe to say all women are very thankful.
  2. Birch Box – The little box that started it all. We can thank the women for our beloved online lifestyle subscriptions.  Founded by Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, birch box has made it’s way into the hearts of women of all ages by customizing a monthly box of special products and samples for each user.
  3. Digital Personal Training – Committing to personal training can be more difficult when you are forced to motivate yourself to leave the house and attend the class. That is where video personal training, such as Wello, comes in handy. Thanks to Anne Scott Plante and Leslie Silverglide, we now have the option to get fit in the comfort of our own home.
  4. Wildfire – With our team being social media gurus, we obviously have to include the wildfire app on this list, created by Victoria Ransom. This app has changed the process of managing social media contests with a much more efficient strategy.

As you can see, women are continuing to dominate the digital space and our team is super proud! Looking for a digitally charged marketing and PR team to elevate your brand? Contact the Serendipit team today!


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