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Weekly Wrap-Up!

Hello and welcome to this week’s wrap-up!  It’s the first week of November, and there was plenty of news to keep us busy all week long.  Between the traditional news, like Election Day, and the not-so-traditional, like a (fake?) plane crash, we picked out our favorites to pass on.   No matter what level of tradition is in it, we always put a little Serendipit-spin on it… hopefully it keeps you as interested as it keeps us!

1. Election Day

We urged you to go vote on Tuesday (hopefully you did!), and promised an update of results.  For a quick rundown on the Arizona results, there were very few party changes.  Gosar (R) replaced Kirkpatrick (D) in District 1, and Schweikert (R) replaced Mitchell (D) in District 5.  John McCain held onto his Senate seat, and Jan Brewer was elected Governor.  However, across the nation, there were some interesting allegations.  As the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives, and knocked several Democrats out of office, some questions have risen regarding their campaigns.  A Fast Company article today suggests that many Republicans used the somewhat controversial tactic of neuromarketing in their campaigns.  This marketing strategy uses fMRIs and EEGs to monitor physiological responses to different media, key words, or advertisements.  According to the article, the analysis of these responses helped Republicans to take the House.  This does create an important question for marketing: is neuromarketing simply good persuasion, or is it a bit too Orwellian?

2. Facebook Deals

Alright, Facebook made the wrap up again.  We must say – great job, Mark Zuckerberg – you’ve just been all over the news lately. This time, Facebook upgraded its Places application in order to include special discounts for consumers.  This allows businesses to employ a push strategy rather than pull – businesses can push their discounts and promotions out to consumers through the Deals application.  The ability of users to view nearby specials will (hopefully) help drive traffic to participating companies.

3. Airbus A380 Crash … or not?

In the span of several minutes, the Twitterverse created and destroyed a plane crash. After the engine of an A380 plane en route to Sydney from Singapore burst, the pilot planned an emergency landing, safely back in Singapore.  However, passengers on the (safely landed) plane immediately began tweeting photos of the damaged parts, leading those not on the plane to believe a crash had occurred.  Around the same time, this rather incriminating photo was posted:

Without an immediate official response from the airline company, it was easy to see why chaos ensued so quickly.  Luckily, the company did eventually ensure media that all were safe, and that tweeters could rest easily knowing their loved ones were in no harm.

4. FCF 25th Anniversary Celebration

Foothills Community Foundation, a program that brings support, opportunity and community service to Desert Foothills residents is celebrating their 25th birthday this month! Tonight, head to FCF-Holland Community Center to partake in the festivities.  Keynoting the event is Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, who will speak to FCF members about the importance of teamwork to success.  We’re excited to be attending the event, hopefully we’ll see you there!

That’s all for today! Be sure to check back next week for more news, with a special Serendipit twist!


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