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What Exactly is PR?

-What Exactly is PR?-

Serendipit Consulting helps to clarify what exactly PR really is.

When I first meet someone new, the conversation typically runs along these lines:

  • New person: “Where do you work?”
  • Me: “Serendipit Consulting, a boutique PR and marketing firm.”
  • New person: “So, what exactly do you do?”

Once that final question is asked, I already know what their follow-up question is going to be, “what exactly is PR?” I don’t necessarily blame people for not knowing the difference between PR and marketing; there is a lot of misconception and confusion about what PR truly is. That is why I am going to break down the definition of PR in simple to read and understand terms. Here are the top 5 roles of a PR pro:

  1. Be in the know. We need to know what is going on in the world, nationally, locally and in each client’s industry in order to brainstorm relevant angles that apply to our client. For example, we tied our client, Morris Callaman, Esq., in to the recent large lottery jackpot prize with a story about “what do you do legally if you win the lottery?”
  2. Secure our clients interviews. The main goal of PR is to secure media coverage for our clients, whether it is a TV interview or a print publication interview, to position them as an expert source in their industry. For example, secure an interview with a channel 3 reporter for my client, Friedl Richardson Trial Lawyers, a personal injury firm, on premises liability and the importance of responsible party hosting duties.
  3. Be creative. With so many businesses out there, it is important to set our clients apart from the competition, which takes brainpower, creativity and big ideas. It is great that our client, Orangetheory Fitness, is opening a new franchise location, but as a PR pro I have to ask myself, “how can I create a unique story around their new location in order to secure coverage?” That is where creativity comes into play. For example, I take the press release announcing the location’s grand opening and secure an interview with the Phoenix Business Journal about the growth of the health and fitness industry here in the Valley now that the economy is improving.
  4.  Create brand awareness. In order to differentiate a client’s company from the competition, it is important that I keep their brand’s key messaging consistent in order to build the brand’s awareness and reputation. This is done through a client’s talking points before each interview in order to incorporate the main story’s idea with the client’s key messages and unique points of differentiation.
  5. Be accessible. The news never stops; therefore PR opportunities never stop.

Now that you know a little bit more about PR and what the day-in -the -life of a PR superstar looks like, want to chat? Call us!