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What is branding?

Serendipit Consulting covers what the definition of branding is and the many components that make a successful and strong brand.

If you are familiar with the business environment, chances are you have heard of branding many times. But what is branding? While it may be easy to pinpoint several examples of branding, it may be difficult to define the concept itself. Starting with the development of your brand is essential if you are planning to launch a product or service to win over your target audiences with successful marketing and public relations.

So what is branding?

When one thinks of branding, he or she may think of a few different things. In fact, if you find yourself asking different people, “What is branding?” chances are you’ll get a myriad of responses. Branding includes a company name, a logo, a message, a symbol, and so much more. Altogether, these many components create an individual identity and personality for a product or service. That, in essence, is the broad overview of branding!

What is strong branding?

Strong branding delivers a clear and consistent message to reinforce your brand’s credibility and gain customer trust and loyalty. A strong brand effectively embodies what your product or service is, while catching viewers’ attention and standing out in the market. Strong branding should exist throughout the entirety of your company and is not merely just a logo and mission statement. It resonates throughout the company from its employee values to content marketing and social media posts.

What do I need to consider when developing a brand?

There are many things that you should consider when developing your brand. Some of the key items include key messaging, goals and values, what makes your product or service unique, etc. Considering your audience is key when it comes to all things marketing, and branding is no exception. While your audience may vary when it comes to demographics, try to focus on the consistent ideals that they share.

What are you trying to accomplish? Once you determine what your company is about (and what it isn’t!), you will be better able to determine goals and values and from there better craft the message that you want your brand to communicate.

Another component to consider is what exactly that makes your brand’s offering unique. For example, maybe you own a flower shop. There are many different flower shops, so think of the differentiator that yours has, whether it’s more affordable prices, higher quality flowers, or a convenient location. This will help your brand stand out!

In conclusion: What is branding?

Branding is the single most important part of marketing that creates a foundation for all future strategies. By establishing brand standards early on, you will be able to maintain a consistent brand image and with that, encourage customer loyalty with your target audience.

If you were one of the readers asking yourself “What is branding?” before stumbling across our blog post, Serendipit Consulting is here to help you and your company create a strong brand!

Contact our team for a free consultation by giving us a call at 602-283-5209. Learn more about our branding services and find examples of our past work here.

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