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Where is Your Web Traffic Coming From?

Where are your web visitors coming from?

Serendipit takes an inside look at how to understand where your web traffic is coming from.

In order to gain a better understanding of your audience and how they are currently interacting with your brand, it is crucial to take a look at where your web traffic is coming from. Starting with the devices.

Google Analytics does a great job of consolidating all of the information and making the data easy to read and understand.

The first tab that holds the most information is: Overview – Mobile – Devices. This portion of the report breaks down which devices your visitors are using to view your website i.e., desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

This information gives you more insight into understanding how to market to your viewers across other platforms. For example, if 70% of your website views are coming from a mobile device, you may want to consider including a text message marketing campaign into your strategy.

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