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Why Pinterest is Necessary for Business

Pinterest‘s reputation has skyrocketed in the past year from being used as solely a photo sharing site, to dominating the social media industry for businesses. While many businesses have began integrating this online outlet into their daily activity, a few are still hesitant to grasp the amount of growth Pinterest will have on their company. Pinterest has become one of the highest-rated visual sharing sites in record-breaking time, and is the top social referrer for companies such as Martha Stewart & Martha Stewart Weddings. Pinning images is generating more referral traffic to websites than Youtube, Linkedin, and Google+ combined, and an average of 1.36 million users visit Pinterest on a daily basis. Within those 1.36 million users, visitors spend an average of 89 minutes on the site, pushing Pinterest into second place, behind Facebook, for highest amount of time spent by users on a social media outlet.

With these statistics in mind, it is only obvious that Pinterest is a necessity to improve your consumer traffic and visual presence online and through social media. It is important to create boards specifically targeted to your audience, whether that is products sold through B2C marketing or services provided through B2B marketing, keeping in mind that 87% of users are women. We have broken down the key components to keep in mind when creating and successfully using your Pinterest account.

  • Think Visual: Pinterest is driven by images. Make sure your website is using high-quality images, and post only the best pictures of your products.
  • Don’t just Self-Promote: Pinterest is all about inspiration and passion. Instead of only repinning your products, stay active and consistently post news, other companies’ products, tips, and DIY projects.
  • Add a “Pin it” button to your site: Encourage others to pin your products! Also, include the “follow me” Pinterest button so that your followers will see your pins consistently on their home page.
  • Connect with Customers: Find fans, followers, website visitors, and subscribers on Pinterest. Engage with your customers by following them, repinning their photos to your boards, and liking and commenting on their pins. See how Kotex successfully interacted with their followers and created buzz for their company:

Stay Active: Improve your SEO with any social media, Pinterest can help improve your online presence and bring visitors to your site if you consistently pin, repin, and gain followers!

If you are still confused about Pinterest, Serendipit specializes in optimizing your presence so contact us with any questions and be sure to download our Pinterest E-Book for your reference HERE

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