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Yelp Introduces New Trend Tool

Serendipit takes a look at a new tool introduced by Yelp called ‘Yelp Trends’

Yelp is an online urban guide that offers visitors access to reviews of businesses and/or to leave reviews of businesses all over the country. The website had around 132 million monthly unique visitors in the first quarter of 2014. Many people use Yelp to find great local businesses like dentists, hairstylists, and restaurants. They can then choose to review the businesses commenting on what they liked or disliked.

Yelp recently came out with ‘Yelp Trends’ to help keep track of the popularity of search topics over a 10-year span. This will make it easier to check out what keywords are trending and how they have done over a period of time. The example on the Yelp Trends page shows a chart that analyzes how often the words Microbrew, Craft Beer and PBR have been used in San Francisco on Yelp since 2006. This will allow a business to check how its ratings are doing and what keywords are being used regarding their business and industry.


Will you be leveraging this new ‘Yelp Trends’ tool for your business? Contact the social media experts at Serendipit to kick-start the process!

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