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You’ll Wag Your Tail About This: A Dog-Friendly Workplace May Be Good For Your Company

Serendipit uncovers the many reasons pets make a great addition to the workplace.

We’re big fans of our “Office Mascots” – the fluffy four-legged friends of our employees, who get to roam the office. At Serendipit, we pride ourselves on being a dog-friendly company, and we aren’t alone; in fact, 20% of companies already call themselves a dog-friendly workplace. There are a number of reasons why bringing dogs into the workplace can benefit a company:

  1. Stress reduction. Studies have shown that having a dog around can reduce office stress.
  2. Health improvement. By quickly walking your dog every few hours, you’re taking a break from your desk to stretch your legs and spending a few minutes not staring at a screen – both things we’re encouraged to do more of.
  3. Encourage a work/life balance. While it’s easy to become focused on projects and meetings and lose track of time, remembering to take care for a dog breaks up the routine a bit and gives you a few minutes to take your mind off things. It can even provide a much-needed fresh perspective if you’re stuck on something, which leads to our next point …
  4. Increased creativity and communication. Going for a walk can help stimulate that creative thinking. Also, dogs are a great conversation starter and may prompt you to talk with a coworker and spark creative discussion. Nothing brings people together like a smiling puppy!

If you are considering bringing a pet to the office or implementing a pet-friendly policy, there are some things to consider beforehand.

First of all, be aware that some people are allergic to pet dander – you won’t be seeing those workplace benefits if employees are having allergic reactions! Also, (though this may be hard to fathom if you’re a dog lover) there might be such a thing as too many dogs in the office, which could ultimately lead to a lack of productivity overall. Perhaps you can implement a schedule in the office to ensure that the chaos stays to a minimum.

And if you’re thinking of taking your dog to work, make sure that your dog is able to handle it – not all dogs play well with others!

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