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Zappos Incorporting Pinterest into Platform

-Zappos Incorporating Pinterest into Platform-

Zappos is revolutionizing e-commerce by incorporating Pinterest into their online platform.

Zappos recently launched a beta website to try out an innovative redesign of their current site. On the new trial website, Zappos is incorporating Pinterest into their layout and online shopping process. How it works is that each customer will sign in and link their Pinterest account prior to shopping online. PinPointing will then analyze boards, pins and keywords used by the customer on Pinterest and recommend items from Zappos based on their Pinterest content.

It is somewhat surprising that other retail companies haven’t tried to include a similar approach into their online platform. As we all know, Pinterest hit the social media world with a bang and continues to have a heavy focus on fashion and retail for both men and women. By having customers sign in with Pinterest prior to shopping online, stores have an instant connection to demographic and lifestyle segmentations for each customer. This not only decreases time needed to complete market research, but will make the shopping experience much more enjoyable for consumers as well. With technology continuously advancing, consumers are beginning to expect it and if your retail store isn’t accessible through social media or mobile devices, customers will turn to a brand that is.

Pins that include price points with the “$” sign are much more likely to be shared and then purchased by consumers. With software such as PinPointing, retail brands will reach an ashtonishing amount of consumers that were not previously targeted. This will revolutionize the process of online shopping and the way we do business.

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