– Branding Update, Go the Mascot Route-

Brand mascots are making a marketing comeback, and in a powerful way. When you think of companies such as Geico, Captain Morgan, or Aunt Jemima most of the time, the first thing that comes to mind is the mascot, or “character,” related to that particular brand. Brand mascots are a way to create a face for the company that possibly not everyone can relate to, but surely everyone will remember and become attached to. Ad Age informs us that companies are currently either revamping their old mascot look, or creating a whole new character to represent the company in this generation.

Serendipit successfully integrated this marketing component with one of our clients, The Cove, which is a student housing development in Conway, SC. The Cove brought in a frog mascot to represent their residential community and connect with the students in a fun and unique way. We branded the frog to become Fancy the Frog from London who loves to dance and loves hip hop music. We created a marketing campaign centered around her traits to have a Dance Off with CCU’s mascot, which is The Cove’s target student population. This demonstrates how mascots are not only a great way to connect with your customer base, but also to create partners and brand your image at the next level.

This M&M commercial, featured on Superbowl Sunday this year, is a another great example of successful branding with mascots. This commercial was one of the most talked about ads after it aired, and it is all thanks to the symbols M&M created to represent them!

-Facebook Acquisition of Instagram-

Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion dollars on Monday, which means there may possibly be even more major changes in store for Facebook. It was a smart move on Facebook’s part based on the fact that Facebook originally only provided means to share photos, not to actually create. Now, Facebook enables you to create and share from the same source. Reported by AZ Central, “This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

There is still more that we, the public, can take from this business deal. Mashable informs us of the 3 lessons we need to make note of in the marketing industry.

  1. Include Content Partners– For companies where content is not the core of the business, instead of adding that as a skill set, look to expand with a partnership with a company that specializes in content. Same goes for graphic design. Outsourcing is always a smart business decision.
  2. Leverage Expertise- In the past, marketers continue to try and replicate existing apps with a new twist. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are already great platforms that excel in content creation and customer involvement. Use these are a source and include them in campaigns.
  3. Include the “average Joe”- Pinterest and Facebook are very successful because they incorporate components that are useful for professionals in the marketing field as well as the general public. Anyone can update a status or pin inspirational photos, and companies can relate to the public in that way, but also by going above and beyond with their use of the social outlets.