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Social Media Campaign Creation


AZPetVet is a family of 22 animal hospitals scattered throughout the Valley. The company has partnered with Serendipit Consulting since 2019 for ongoing marketing and social media efforts. Thanks to the longtime relationship we share and our continued performance year after year, they happily put their trust in us to try out new, creative ideas. 

AZPetVet came to us with the objective of elevating organic social content to improve overall impressions and engagement metrics in order to sustain their market position as the leading and most well-known veterinary clinic in the county.

As experts, you must know how to leverage trends while they’re hot. We did this by utilizing Instagram’s latest video creation craze, Reels, and popular video sharing app, TikTok. Instagram recognizes video content is in demand, so when a Reel’s posted, it’s boosted in the algorithm and featured on people’s pages, guaranteeing a farther reach. Additionally, you can share TikTok content directly on Reels and get the best of both these booming worlds. 

By doing this, we capitalized on a current and trending feature to catapult AZPetVet’s success—something we do with each of our clients, at any point in time, no matter the industry, and regardless of what the trend of the moment is, and this time it really worked in their favor!


We’re always in tune with our client’s goals, and we noticed that on Instagram, although we were seeing growth in impressions and engagement, we weren’t seeing nearly as much as the previous year. With the introduction and ultimately explosion of Reels, we decided to leverage the popularity of this feature and test it out on AZPetVet to see how it could boost the brand.

We began by browsing TikTok for popular content, anything from cute pets doing cute things to veterinary advice and tips on safety and wellness. We even narrowed our search to locate videos that featured trending sounds in conjunction with this relevant pet content. 

We opted to reach out to smaller pages as more prominent creators, with followers in the high thousands or millions, are much harder to obtain a response from. We sent a simple message acknowledging the post, introducing who we are, and requesting approval to share on our client’s page. Posting Reels, especially in the form of already trending TikToks, undoubtedly drives more engagement to your page, but by crediting the creator, you’ve driven more traffic to their content and ultimately built rapport, which means they’re likely to grant approval again. 


Following our extensive research process, we received approval to share, acquired the video and created content for a supporting post. Using social media engagement monitoring and publishing tool Agorapulse as well as Instagram’s built in tracking tools, we analyzed Instagram activity data and found the peak days/times that would work best to publish the content and that aligned best with our social strategy. Then, we scheduled it out with credit to the creator. We continued this process about once a week for a month.


Our goal was to increase overall impressions and engagement for AZPetVet’s Instagram page. Specifically, we wanted to reach 10k in impressions and 500+ in engagement. Through extensive research, time, and strategy, our trial proved successful and the top performing Reel we published blew up, ultimately exceeding the client’s and our expectations. Here’s how:

  • 116 saves

Others also had great results, for example second highest performing Reel came in with 16,000 views, 599 likes, 18 comments, 260 shares, and 17 saves. Overall, the AZPetVet account reach was up by 410% from the prior month and up in engagement by 693%. That’s a 558% increase year-over-year and nothing short of incredible. 

Since then, we’ve continued to test various types of pet or veterinary-related content, but the Reels that seem to perform the best are the playful, lighthearted videos of—you guessed it—cute pets doing cute things. It’s safe to assume this type of content provides followers a break from the daily scroll through news and ads. 

However, perhaps the most considerable success is the ongoing engagement AZPetVet has received from these Reels. Because the content had such a great reach, it’s brought users back to the Instagram page, one they may not have otherwise discovered if not for the Reels, but perhaps now one of their favorites. The day-to-day content shared between Reels has boomed, with more people commenting, liking, and interacting. This has also driven more traffic to the company’s website, resulting in more inquiries and communication than ever before.

Clearly, Serendipit is where the Reel magic happens. Let’s see what we can do for you!