Google’s June 2019 Updates Now Affecting Many Sites’ Search Traffic

On June 3rd, 2019, Google released a core update which significantly changed the search traffic that different sites were receiving. CCN’s (CryptoCoinsNews) traffic from Google searches dropped over 71 percent on mobile in 24 hours. This has resulted in CCN’s daily revenue to drop by more than 90 percent. CCN and their competitors (crypto focused sites) are all experiencing significant drops in traffic. Google has not explained to these sites why they have lost so much of their Google search traffic, and many people on forums have been attempting to theorize as to what could have led to such a significant drop in traffic. 

This is not entirely a crypto-crackdown either. Many sites unrelated to cryptocurrencies are similarly impacted by Google’s updated core. Released Google search data has shown popular news sites such as Daily Mail experienced a 50 percent drop in Google search traffic. Based in the UK, the Daily Mail experienced a bizarre scenario where they lost more of their UK traffic compared to their US traffic, which has never happened to them before. CCN, Daily Mail, and others impacted by the core update are receiving help on the forums, yet none of it is beneficial. RankBrain, Google’s machine learning system, is very complicated, and Google has confirmed that even they do not fully understand how it works. Unless someone who actually worked on the core update explains what is going on, the only thing people can do is speculate why traffic is down. 

Of course, when traffic goes down for some sites, that traffic is directed elsewhere. By utilizing SEO marketing services, either in-house or hiring the service, businesses can capitalize on the loss of traffic other sites receive. Knowing the proper keywords and how to integrate them throughout your website can help prevent massive downturns in traffic similar to those experienced by CCN, Daily Mail, and many others. This helps increase your site’s organic searches as well as drive continuous search traffic to your website. Utilizing an SEO marketing service is also beneficial, as they make consistent updates to the pages on your website, keeping all the keywords up to date. Not only does this help sites stay relevant in searches, but Google also checks to see if website pages have been updated which helps determine search rankings. When a website page is updated frequently, it is far more likely to appear higher up in search rankings than pages that have been left untouched for years.

Having an SEO marketing service such as Serendipit Consulting consistently checking to determine how keywords are performing and whether or not to change them is the best way to ensure plenty of Google search traffic for your site.