The 54th annual Grammys were able to beat out the sports holiday in social comments, even though the Super Bowl was the first big social media phenomenon of the year…Sorry Giant fans.

Between the stellar performances by today’s hottest talent, the return of Adele after throat surgery and Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to the late Whitney Houston, the night proved to be a social media frenzy. CBS reported 39.9 million viewers tuned in Sunday night. The highest ratings an award show has had before this was the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with only 3.1 million viewers. According to reports, the 2012 Grammys had the second largest audience since 1984, the year that the late Michael Jackson won and set the record of eight Grammy awards.

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The social and digital nature of the Grammys was almost as impressive as who won the awards. With 491.4 million smartphones being sold worldwide in 2011, people were able to be social about the Grammys from almost any location. According to the Bluefin Lab, the Grammys had 13 million social comments that beat the ratings of last week’s Super Bowl ratings and last year’s social comments by a long shot. Last year the award show only got 546K social media comments. This is a 2,280% Y/Y growth.

Without question, the most talked about topic of the night was Adele’s “21” album winning album of the year award. The next top-talked-about topic was Paul McCartney’s closing performance with the Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen.