Spotify, “Is this another Pandora? The next iTunes?” Wrong and wrong!

I’m a musician and, of course, a listener of music, so when I was personally invited to become a member of Spotify I was thinking those things. It’s a little bit of both, a lot of neither of them. From a listener’s point of view, it allows me to listen to a song I heard on the radio or maybe an artist that popped into my head with a quick search. From a musician’s point of view, it’s a great way to allow fans and potential fans to listen to your music for free – so Spotify’s integration with Facebook seemed inevitable and natural.

Facebook is an open book of people’s lives and recently, Spotify has integrated itself within the social network by allowing users of both the network and the music streaming service to share what they’re listening to. If someone has never heard of Spotify before, especially a musician, it’d be hard to describe it without making it sound like the record company’s and independent artists are somehow getting ripped off. In reality, users and musicians really reap the benefits of Spotify’s existence and its integration with Facebook. By a Facebook user sharing a song or their Spotify playlist, they’re exposing a range of artists to hundreds of their friends. People get a taste of the song or artist and if they’re interested, there’s potential for them to buy a CD or download a single.

Become a Spotify user if you’re not one already and share with others what you’re listening to by right-clicking on a track or playlist and clicking on ‘Share’. Who knows, you may become ‘that person with awesome taste in music’. If you’re wondering what my music sounds like and what a Spotify post on Facebook looks like, visit my Facebook page, and of course if you like what you hear, share it with others!

Thanks for reading, Torin.