Whether you are planning to hit the road, or host your own 4th of July celebration, these gadgets will set the mood for all of tomorrow’s festivities. Whip out your stars and stripes and celebrate the patriotic way!

Polaroid Camera: A polaroid camera is necessary to capture all of the moments that this fun holiday brings! Another great option is a Fish Eye Camera. They are both perfect choices for the 4th of July, and add some creativity to your memories.

iPhone Case: Go all out and dress up your phone for the occasion. Let’s be honest, phones are currently everyone’s favorite accessory, so make yours the life of the party!

Mosquito App: Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy the outdoors, yet being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Don’t worry about packing your bug spray because this Anti Mosquito Sonic Repellent app will take care of all your insect needs…without the repulsive scent.

iGrill BBQ Themometer: This iPhone app enables the chef of the party to mingle with the guests, while still making sure the food is cooked to the perfect temperature!

Festive Nails: As always, us gals have to look our best for holiday events. Fuchsia Spa is currently promoting their 4th of July nail trends and will doll you up for all of the weekend’s festivities. They are also offering custom airbrush tanning  and blow outs for $17.50 for all first time visitors! All you have to do is sit back, relax and get red,white and fab from head to toe.