At age 24, Lady GaGa has won 81 music awards, has had countless hit singles and has created a world-renowned name for herself. An NYU graduate, she has accomplished many goals most people never dream of.  What’s next for the Italian-American superstar? Many are starting to think Lady GaGa’s next task is to conquer the world.

Which brings us to the daunting oh-so-haunting question: IS LADY GAGA AN ILLUMINATI PUPPET?

Dun, dun, dunnnn (cue eerie music here…)

Taking over Facebook one status message at a time, Lady GaGa lyrics are slowly infiltrating the minds of men, women, babies and children.

In an article on the Vigilant Citizen, a case is made that everything from GaGa’s name to her famous one-eyed costumes to her videos prove that there is a deeper meaning.

Here are a few short arguments that prove we have a case on our hands:

Lady GaGa, the name: Gaga, a word meaning absent mindedness, is so easy even a baby can say it.

All-Seeing Eye: Similar to the pyramid on the back of one-dollar bills, Lady GaGa frequently shows only one of her eyes – symbolizing her ability to see and know ALL.

Music Videos: All of GaGa’s music videos feature some type of mind control or bizarre story line that signifies deeper meaning.

Songs like Poker Face, Love Game and Beautiful Dirty Rich have also been accused of having subliminal messaging. With largely sexual connotations, Lady GaGa has even been described as a genius.  It has also been argued that uses these subliminal messages as more than just hidden sexuality, but also as a marketing strategy.  Is Lady GaGa hiding more than just sexiness? Is she also using subliminal marketing to help attract a broader audience?

So what really is next for Lady GaGa? Total WORLD DOMINATION is what we think. Whether negative or positive, Lady GaGa quickly became a household name throughout Europe and North America.  A huge feat at such a young age, what else is she capable? Will she keep expanding her reach, or will the bubble eventually burst?

Will we all be brainwashed by the GaGa Monster?!