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The Coolest People You’ll Ever Meet

We’re bold. We’re badasses. We’re barrier breakers. And we do it all with the biggest smiles. When you mix that with an unapologetic love of dogs, coffee, craft beer, and more than a bit of quirk, you create a force to be reckoned with. Serendipit breeds the best people. Here, weird is welcome. Just see for yourself!

Alexis Krisay

Partner & President of Marketing

Melissa DiGianfilippo

Partner & President of PR

Melissa Sawhill


Andrew Leger

Creative Strategy Director

Rachel Schulz

Operations Manager

Alison Walsh

Director of Public Relations

Kelley Bowman

Social Media Marketing Manager

Lisa Sass

Senior PR Account Executive

Madison Breuer

Junior PR Account Executive

Audrey Minor

Public Relations Jr. Account Executive

Bryona Marquez-Booher

Accounting Specialist and Operations Assistant

Work With Serendipit

Work For Serendipit



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