Let me just close out of the Spotify app before we get started.

Pandora has just unveiled a new logo and digital campaign to convert millions of free listeners into paying subscribers to Pandora Plus. The new logo is a part of their plan to increase the number of paid subscribers to 11 million by 2020 (they currently have 3.9 million paid subscribers and 78 million monthly active listeners.)

For those of you who still listen to the radio, Pandora Plus is a music streaming experience allowing you to replay music, skip songs, and stream offline for a monthly fee of $4.99. The biggest feature that attracts users to Pandora Plus is that it’s ad-free.

So what does Pandora’s new campaign mean for companies advertising on Pandora? Will marketers have a smaller population to expose our ads to? Not necessarily, as compared to the 3.9 million paid subscribers, there are still roughly 74 million free users who can see your ads. However, if Pandora keeps ramping up their goals to increase paid subscribers, this is a situation marketers should be keeping our eyes on.

All in all, Pandora is still a great platform to streamline your ads and reach the masses. So keep on advertising until your heart’s content. We’ll warn you when Pandora announces their campaign to convert the entire world to paid subscribers.