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Radova Lifestyle is a thriving dedicated CoolSculpting practice in Arlington, Virginia. In 2018, Radova came to Serendipit looking to harness the market share of CoolSculpting in their area. Having seen the great successes with marketing programs for other CoolSculpting practices in the U.S. (like Bodify), Serendipit was thrilled for the chance to leverage its industry knowledge. Our goal was to heighten Radova’s brand, help them stand out in a sea of marketing messages, and garner the type of ROI that stands out.

Challenge & Opportunities

Bringing the “Lifestyle” in “Radova Lifestyle” to the forefront was our primary focus. New messaging would be centered around positioning Radova as a brand that offers informative and easy-to-understand facts and tips around CoolSculpting. We also wanted to establish Radova as a go-to resource for all things related to living a well- rounded lifestyle. We knew that this type of messaging mix could bring engagement and help build trust for the Radova Lifestyle brand.

Narrowing closer into tactics, this is where we captured and converted. Blending the highly targeted ad sets and messaging with a fully built-out CRM (with Hubspot) and automated email workflows – we were able to do the following:

  • Increase clicks by 90 percent
  • Increase conversions by 530 percent
  • Drop the cost per click by 22 percent
  • Drop the cost per acquisition by 80 percent
  • Increased the conversion ratio by 240 percent

DIG Stats.