Snapchat recently launched a universal search bar for the app. This new feature allows users to navigate the app and find their friends, groups, stories, and publishers much easier. The key word for this feature is “speed”. They want users to find what they are looking for and keep snapping away.


Snapchat is hoping this major redesign will help them steal the spotlight from Instagram’s latest success.

So how can the search bar help businesses? Snapchat could potentially open up the opportunity for advertisers to pay for sponsored placements, priority search result listings, or suggestions in the search menu. Snapchat has made it tough for users to follow accounts unless it was advertised on their website or social media. If this opportunity goes through, marketers will have a solution to directly advertising their account on the app. The search bar could encourage users to seek out other accounts to watch and follow what is trending. The search bar is now active, but we’ll have to wait and see if Snapchat pulls the trigger on this major advertising opportunity.