Never heard of the Swedish rock band Fulkultur? Where have you been, living under a rock? Just kidding. We’ve never heard of them either… until now. When Marketing professionals talk about “thinking outside of the box” and “being innovative”, this is exactly what they’re talking about. Fulkultur bought the domain  If you happen to stumble upon this website, you’ll instantly be entranced by an “ugly” character doing outrageous dance moves to music.  The fun part comes in the interactiveness.  You can actually choose what kind of dance this “ugly” character does.  Now, where does the smart part come in? At the top of the page, there is a button instructing you to “Create your own ugly dancer”. Naturally, anyone who was already enjoying the ugly dancer would love to create their own, much like the dancing elves Office Max becomes famous for each holiday season.  However, if you click the link, a friendly little box pops up…

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Although this probably could have been done a little better, what a great idea! I’m sure Fulkultur’s fans (and possibly even those who aren’t familiar!) would have no problem donating $1 or $5 in order to get two songs and a fun online toy.  Why not?

It might not work for every business, but it is innovative, draws attention to the band, and generates some income! If you ask us, Fulkultur’s got some very promising business ideas.  Good job, Fulkultur!