As most people worldwide found out last evening, the White House has announced that Osama Bin Laden is officially dead.  According to President Obama’s speech, the White House received a lead on Osama’s whereabouts in August.  This week, he authorized an operation to find and kill Osama.  According to US Officials, Bin Laden was shot in the head after resisting.

At Serendipit, we couldn’t help but share the social media twist on the story.  A man living in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Sohaib Athar, unintentionally live tweeted the US operation that ended in Osama’s death.  When he noticed a helicopter hovering above his city at 1am, he couldn’t help but tweet his thoughts.  As more rare events occurred, he continued to post the happenings.  Shortly thereafter, the world learned that Athar was actually tweeting about Osama’s death.  Below, see selected tweets straight from Athar (@ReallyVirtual), courtesy of theWashington Post – and read as he reports the attack on Osama.

Athar Live Tweets Osama's DeathAthar Live Tweets Osama's DeathAthar Live Tweets Osama's Death