How to Capitalize on Work From Home & New Normal Opportunities

While the number of people working remotely and from home has been steadily growing in recent years, who could have guessed our entire economy would shift so dramatically in a matter of weeks? Currently, a large portion of American businesses and workers have been required to transition to a work and shelter from home lifestyle. And change is hard, especially when it comes with so many uncertainties.

For many, it has been a shock to their system. For others, it’s been an exhilarating opportunity to rediscover core passions, and examine new perspectives and methods for living and working under challenging circumstances. Silver linings can be found when you look for them. Adjusting to this new normal, and taking advantage of the opportunities will be easier with a few tips from our team:

  1. Set your alarms for waking up and going to bed. Sticking to a normal schedule helps promote regular sleep so you can maintain a healthier routine. Set hard stops for your day – be sure to add self-care time to your calendar and honor it!
  2. Get up and get dressed. Even if it’s just workout clothes, it makes a huge difference. Happily, the dress code for the office is a bit more relaxed.
  3. Have designated working areas at home (away from your bed and the couch). Feeling stuck? The weather is perfect right now, so move outdoors and work from the patio while you boost your immune system with some Vitamin D.
  4. Don’t have an office? Take advantage of the situation and create one. Order a desk, chair, or other tools to make working from home easier, and have them delivered to your door.
  5. Remember to eat healthy and regularly. Prep meals beforehand so they’re ready throughout the day. If you have kids, let them help choose the foods for the day, and take part in the meal preparation.
  6. Healthy brain fuel from snacks and easy to eat finger foods are also important. Antioxidant berries, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, boiled eggs, avocados, and yes, even coffee can give you the mid-morning or afternoon boost you need. Stay away from heavily processed foods with lots of sugar.
  7. Take regular screen breaks. Take a 10-15 minute walk to get some fresh air, declutter your brain, and reprioritize the rest of the day. Walk the dog or take the kids for a bike ride. It’ll do you good!
  8. Getting in ‘face time’ is important. Conduct virtual team lunches. Invite everyone to virtual happy hours to stay connected and decompress together after a long week. These are great ways to stay up to date and visit with family and friends evenings and weekends, too!
  9. Pets are great stress relievers. OK, maybe not while they’re trying to ‘help’ you work, but they mean well. Numerous studies show that pets are not only good for our minds but also good for our bodies. They give us an abundance of opportunities to laugh, connect with others, and create funny YouTube and TikTok videos – all great methods for easing worry and stress!
  10. If you’re having trouble adjusting or just coping, you are not alone. Speak up. We’re all on this crazy rollercoaster ride together, so everyone is entitled to their moments. Share your feelings with a friend, family member, or coworker, or talk to a medical professional.

We hope these tips help you stay happy and healthy while working from home these next few weeks, which could possibly turn into months. If you’re looking for ways to keep your business healthy, we’ve got you covered there, too.

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