Serendipit takes a look at Vine’s new Loop Count metric platform that allows marketers to see how often people are watching their six second videos.

 Vine is a mobile app that allows its users to create and post short looping video clips. Vine was introduced to the social media world 16 months ago and became popular very quickly. If you aren’t currently using Vine as a marketing tool you’re your student housing community, you may want to reconsider. The new loop count metric will now allow marketers to see how often people are watching their six second videos. Prior to this advancement, the only way to measure how well your vines were doing was checking likes, comments, and revines. This new addition of analytics generates a great deal of potential, especially when marketing your student housing community.

The first scan of the new Loop Count metric showed larger numbers than expected, which means Vine is an impactful platform to be using right now. There are so many new social media apps out there, and the more that your student housing community is using, the better. By using Vine, your student housing community can show off 6-second videos showcasing rooms, amenities, and even the staff. This platform is especially popular with gen-z and will allow you to create buzz.

Tracking analytics is the best way for your student housing community to see how your marketing efforts are doing. All other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have metrics to track analytics, so it is about time that Vine jumped on board. When using Vine’s new loop count, you can see which videos are creating the most buzz and focus on posting similar videos.


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