-Tech Time-

Pimp my Facebook?

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the major changes that Facebook laid out this week, and according to the social media site more changes will be appearing today. Facebook users have been extremely vocal about their negative views of the difference on the site. You can now put your friends into categories, photos are displayed larger, and there is a live instant feed on the right hand side of your screen…sort of like a Facebook inside of a Facebook. It will definitely be interesting to see what types of changes Facebook will be rolling out today and to see how the users will react. Our opinion- Facebook is trying to compete with social media newcomer, Google+ and its other growing competitor, Twitter. We have no doubt that Facebook’s 750 million users will get use to the changes in a couple weeks and will forget what the “old” Facebook even looked like.

-App Update-

It seems like new apps for smart phones are emerging all the time, and few really stick out, but we recently came across an app that rewards us for going to the places we frequent daily. This app called WeReward. Like FourSquare, you check into the places you visit. However, this app rewards you with points. Each point is worth a penny, which then goes into your PayPal account. Points add up quickly with the 15,000,000 businesses involved! Depending on the location, you might be required to do a task like take a photo with a certain product. This awesome, incentive-based app is available for iPhones and Droids.

-Fashion Forward-

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Did you check out the Emmy’s last Sunday? The fashion was fierce. Red was the color of the night. Our favorites of the night- Sofia Vergara from Modern Family in Vera Wang and her costar, Julie Bowen in Oscar de le Renta, who won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

-Flash of Fun-


One of our favorite retailers, Ikea, just launched the best idea ever! Unfortunately, it is only in their Australia stores, but we love this in-store feature- Man Land. Man Land is day care for those husbands and boyfriends who don’t have the attention span for the megastore, but would rather play video games and hangout while their wives and girlfriends did the shopping. The area is based off of Ikea’s child-care area–giving women a buzzer to remind them to come pick up their significant other after 30 minutes of shopping. Genius, right?