-Facebook vs. Linkedin-

With the launch of Linkedin in 2003, professional networking has been taken to a whole new level. The platform created an environment where businesses can sustainably connect with one another on a personal basis, while still maintaining a respected atmosphere. Linkedin has become a necessity for all college graduates entering the work force and continues to gain 2 members every second. While Linkedin transformed the means by which businesses market to one another, Facebook revolutionized networking and social media  with personalization and innovation. Facebook has come a long way since its beginning stages, where its main focus was on relationship building within college communities. Now, Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to interact business-to-business and to engage every consumer demographic. Although Linkedin has proven to be an essential tool for professional networking, Ragan.com discusses which platform is truly the best choice for business-to-business marketing. The breakdown below shows exactly how prominent Facebook is in EVERYONE’S daily lives.

As you can see, Linkedin shouldn’t be disregarded, but Facebook is currently the obvious winner in this Networking Face-off by leading the market in creativity and business-to-business interaction.

-Groupon vs. Looterang-

Groupon recently reported surprising losses for the company this past year. The money-saving site’s loss totaled $42.7 million, as reported in the Arizona Republic. While this came as a shock to many people, the company does expect to sustain long-term growth. The online coupon site has new, and possibly improved, competition with a quickly growing local company: Looterang. Looterang.com enables you to activate as many discounts as you want, with all of the best local vendors such as Mojo YogurtFuzzy’s Taco ShopFire HouseBlondie’s and  many others. The best part is that once you activate your favorite offers through your online account, you never have to worry about them again! No more stressing about remembering to print out and bring your coupons because Looterang is completely paperless and does all the work for you. It gets even better… you can link your bank information to your looterang account so that when you are out using your discounts and swiping your card, Looterang automatically updates your cash back. With one click of the “transfer” button, you will have the money you saved waiting for you in your bank account.As the two companies battle head-to-head to be the face of money-saving technology, Looterang may have the upper hand by leading the way for sustainable and paperless options in the new age of “couponing.”Check out the video below to get a true sense of the fun and energetic environment that Looterang brings to the consumer.

Introducing Looterang